Letters: Clinton a poor use of 'woman card'; Trump trashes rule of law


Don't play 'woman card' on Clinton

I take offense at a letter suggesting that people vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman ("Women's hard-fought right," Sunday). If I had a daughter, I would not want the first woman president to be someone who has shown how she disrespects the law, enables a husband who has sexually abused women, and has done unscrupulous things while serving as secretary of state.

If this woman is elected, we will never know what is going on in the White House. You will be giving a signal that the Clintons' transgressions are acceptable. They are not acceptable to many of us, so please refrain from whipping out your "woman card" for the undecided. I'm sure some of them have scruples and know what a dark path the Clintons will lead us down once they reenter the White House.

|Patricia Perrone, Swarthmore, patpr123@aol.com

Rule of law trumps Donald

Columnist Trudy Rubin deserves everyone's thanks for addressing one of the important issues in this campaign ("Trump has no regard for the law," Thursday). As salacious as Trump's personal behavior may be, it is dwarfed by his disregard for one of the most fundamental principles necessary for the continued existence of our democracy - the rule of law. Unfortunately, Trump has aligned himself with the radical right movement, which for 30 years has been telling us that all government is bad and is characterized by a lack of civil discourse. Democracies are rare in world history. We need to be proud of ours - and vigilant.

|Albert Parker, Broomall

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