Letters: Veterans, shun Trump; Clinton's Benghazi problem

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump give acceptance speeches at their respective conventions.


Vets, shun Trump

No one has the right to criticize Gold Star parents like Khizr and Ghazala Khan ("More outrage on Trump, Khans," Tuesday). Donald Trump has crossed the line of decency. In addition to saying our military is weak and that Sen. John McCain wasn't a hero for getting captured, he has criticized Muslim immigrants who lost a son defending our country.

As an Army veteran and commander of American Legion Post 227, I call on all of our country's veterans' organizations to denounce Trump's candidacy.

|Rocco J. Polidoro, Springfield, Delaware County, roccojohn@comcast.net

Clinton's Benghazi problem

The parents of an American soldier killed in Iraq publicly scolded Donald Trump. The father said Trump has "a black soul"; the mother implied that he is insensitive. If they are correct about Trump, then the relatives of four Americans killed in Benghazi, Libya, could feel the same way about Hillary Clinton.

The State Department, headed by Clinton, failed to respond to repeated requests for additional security at the American compound in the weeks and months before the 2012 attack. And Patricia Smith, mother of information management officer Sean Smith, maintains that Clinton lied to her by initially blaming her son's death on an incendiary video instead of a planned terrorist attack. Clinton's only concern was plotting her way to the Democratic presidential nomination.

|Kevin Palmer, Martinez, Ga.