Letter: Don't choke on higher soda prices - go to Jersey


Don't choke on higher prices - go to Jersey

Mayor Kenney is proposing to tax distributors of sugar-sweetened beverages at 3 cents per ounce. If the full amount is passed along to consumers, the tax on a 12-pack of soda would be a whopping $4.32. Grocery shopping in Philadelphia is about to get really expensive.

For Philadelphians worried about their grocery bills going up: New Jersey is open for business. We're only a short drive away, and you can buy your favorite beverages here for half the cost. While you're here, stay and do all of your shopping - our sales tax is lower. And you can fill up your gas tank for a lot less.

|John Holub, president, N.J. Retail Merchants Association, Trenton, john@njrma.org