Letters: Soda tax is tough to swallow

Tom Monaghan, Philly Pretzel Factory's chief development officer.


How about a pretzel tax?

Mayor Kenney wants to impose a soda tax ("Kenney to seek a tax on soda," Monday). Why? Does he want to improve the health of Philadelphians, or raise tax revenue? If he is trying to raise tax revenue through healthy eating habits, shouldn't he establish a "health tax" on pizza, cheesesteaks, and Tastykakes?

If his program is a success from a health standpoint, and there is a drastic drop in soda consumption, his tax will be a failure, and he will generate very little revenue.

Another left-wing, feel-good plan.

|Andy Anderson, Blackwood, ajanderson2747@comcast.net

Retrain laid-off beverage workers

I applaud Mayor Kenney's three-cents-per-ounce soda tax ("Kenney promotes soda-tax benefits," Tuesday). However, I sympathize with the workers at the beverage distributors and factories in the city who may lose their jobs. It is only fair that part of the tax revenue go to retraining them and helping them find other jobs.

Maybe they could help rebuild the parks and recreation centers, and a few might further their education to become pre-kindergarten teachers. This might help mitigate union opposition.

|Georgette Bartell, Philadelphia, geobartell@aol.com

Keep other campaign promises, too

Let's support our new mayor on his proposal for a sugary-drinks tax, but also remind him of his campaign promises.

Pre-K for all children is an important plan, but Mayor Kenny also promised to do something about mass incarceration, so let's use some of that new tax money for alternative sentencing for nonviolent drug-use offenders. Then we will see a decrease in poverty, racism, and the bloated prison population.

|Sylvia Metzler, Philadelphia