Letters | City Hall's weekend gates

IT'S A GOOD thing that City Hall has new security measures in place.

What I find disturbing, however, Hall is that ever since the winter of 2006, the portals to the courtyard have been closed on weekends.

I hope this is NOT part of the new security. If we have cameras around the building and more guards, then there is no need to shut the public out, keeping visitors and citizens from strolling through those magnificent portals and courtyard. If these gates remain closed on weekends, that surely would subtract from the building's "charm."

I walk this beautiful city every weekend. To see those ugly gates closed is not a welcoming sight. The whole place looks barren.

Weekend visitors approach and can only peep through and pedestrians have to make a semicircle around the building to get back to either Broad or Market. Open those gates.

Gaylord B. Gray