Letters | The day two lives were ended

SUNDAY, MAY 20, SHOULD have been a peaceful day in my neighborhood.

But it wasn't. It took two lives - and almost a third. Gunfire burst out onto the streets in North Philadelphia around 15th and 16th and York. Two lives were interrupted that day.

Two lives that may have had something else to do or somewhere else to go.

When are people going to learn that violence breeds more violence? The neighborhood had a rally for peace the other day. A good number of people marched for peace.

But no city councilman, no state rep or mayor was there to march. The election is over - so what, the politicians disappear now. Let's hope the new mayor, Nutter or Taubenberger, can stop lives being interrupted by gunfire.

Bring a good plan with you to City Hall. We need peaceful days.

Nadine D. Boulware, Philadelphia