THE REMARKS by those speaking for SugarHouse and Foxwoods on the efforts of Casino-Free Philadelphia to solicit opinions on casino locations in the city are insulting to the great citizens of the City of Brotherly Love.

It's obvious that political muscle aided in removing Casino-Free Philadelphia's referendum from the primary ballot. The last thing SugarHouse and Foxwoods wanted was to square off on any citizen-supported referendum.

Referendums appearing on out-of-state ballots have created turmoil for the casinos. It's not uncommon for casinos to spend eight to 12 times the dollars generated by anti-gambling forces.

Casinos have a product that creates thousands of losers. Translated, this means an increase in domestic violence and an increase in crime and influence peddling. It simply is not an easy sell.

So it's wrong and undemocratic to deny Philadelphians the opportunity to determine the future of their local neighborhoods.

And it's hypocritical for Dan Fee and Maureen Garrity to trash the efforts of working men and women knowing that political connections are embracing the casinos.

It was the political power of Harrisburg politicians that prevented any votes on referendum amendments to the gambling bill signed into law three years ago by Gov. Rendell.

The members of Casino-Free Philadelphia are to be congratulated for refusing to bow to the casinos and their political partners.

I believe Round 2 is just beginning.

Paul I. Clymer

Republican Chairman

House Gaming Oversight Committee

Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Message to illegals

I agree 100 percent with letter-writer Marlene Schaffer - why do these illegal aliens spend all their energy demonstrating here in the U.S., like we owe them something?

If the Mexicans want to work, send them to Iraq and bring our soldiers home.

Delores Harrison, Yeadon

A grand ambition

Let's see. It's gonna cost me $68.04 in stamps now over a full Phillies season to play your Home Run Payoff. Well, guess what, baseball world? I'll be listening to every pitch until Chase, Burrell, Rowand or Howard win me my grand. Go Phils!

Bill Heiser, Mayfair