Letters | Mr. Outsider, or Mr. Insider?

I FOUND YOUR recent article on the mayoral candidate's incomes very interesting, particularly about Mr. Outsider, Tom Knox.

Mr. Knox has made millions of dollars, a large part of it from a health-insurance company.

It appears that with the skyrocketing health-care costs in this country, Mr. Knox would be better off focusing his energies on bringing affordable health care to the millions of un- and underinsured folks in this country.

His infomercials thus far have cast him in the role of reformer, but alas that is apparently not the case. He is just another multimillionaire who made his money from the insider's game and now wants to reinvent himself in the role of reformer.

While I am all for capitalism, Mr. Knox cannot have it both ways. Instead of reaping millions while families struggle to make co-pays and seniors frequently have to decide whether to eat or take their medicine, Mr. Knox should have been banging the reformer's drum LONG before he became a mayoral candidate.

But the system was working for him, so why bother? I'll continue to evaluate each candidate on who offers the real opportunity to move our city forward at this critical juncture, but would ask Mr. Knox to spare us all the little-engine- that-could routine.

Joan Szydlik