Saturday, September 20, 2014
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Lady Mary Soames | Churchill daughter, 91

Lady Mary Soames, 91, the last surviving child of British World War II leader Winston Churchill, died Saturday after a short illness.

"She was a distinguished writer and led a distinguished life, with her service in the war, and is part of that generation which is passing," her son Nicholas Soames said Sunday.

She was the youngest of five children of Churchill and his wife, Clementine.

As her father led Britain's fight against Germany, she joined the Red Cross and later military units. She served in London, Belgium, and Germany with antiaircraft batteries.

After the war, she married Conservative politician Christopher Soames, becoming Lady Soames when he was made a peer.

She wrote several books about her family, including a well-received biography of her mother.

In addition to Nicholas Soames, a Conservative member of Parliament, she is survived by four other children. - AP

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