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Well, President Trump didn’t get shady and go after slim. And he didn’t mention whether one of his most important cabinet members accepted his challenge for an I.Q.-test off. But he did try to relate to the middle class, even as he peddled tax cuts for big businesses and bragged about his rich buddy Robert Kraft gifting him a Super Bowl ring. He seemed pretty pleased with himself. Anyway, football tonight! If you like what you’re reading, it’s free to sign up to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and feedback, so please email me, tweet me @tommyrowan, or reach our social team on Facebook.

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Will they, though?

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President Trump speaks about tax reform during an event at the Air National Guard base in Middletown.

So, yes, POTUS actually showed up outside of Harrisburg yesterday, hawking a Trickle-Down 2.0 at an event on an air base for 1,000 invited guests, including a bunch of truckers. Our Trump reporter Aubrey Whelan went and wrote a great translation of the president’s, uh, ambitious plan. As for the truckers, Trump said they’ll be “winning” with this new plan. Our Washington Reporter Jonathan Tamari asks a legitimate question: Will they though? Meanwhile, support for Trump could be slipping in rural Pennsylvania, which ,if you recall, played a key role in getting us into this messy historic time.

Get yo’ popcorn ready

Eagles play the Carolina Panthers tonight. A victory could give the bird’s a commanding lead in the division, and spur national talking heads to fire off mostly premature yet definitive claims about the team’s Super Bowl potential. Or will that just be on local sports radio? Probably both. That reminds me, a Dallas brewery created an “Eagles Tears” beer in response to an Easton brewery recently launching a “Dallas Sucks” beer. You know your team is in trouble when a glorified beer distributor is fighting your battles. Oh, and for the Andy Reid haters, Mike Sielski is claiming Big Red is the NFL’s new godfather. Between the overzealous predictions and local contempt for Reid, the radio hosts should keep busy for a while.

He did what?

Philip Ahr is 66. He is a husband, and a father of two. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, and a longtime marketing guru who rose to a prominent and trusted role in his Main Line community where he lived for 22 years. And then on Wednesday, he surrendered to authorities and was charged for allegedly distributing online images of infants and toddlers being abused by adults. Reporter Erin McCarthy writes that the Radnor commissioner is accused of sleuthing under online usernames like “Daddy X” or “Daddy XX,” and for hiding more than a thousand pornographic links on two computers. Ahr’s arrest comes four months after former Radnor Commissioner Bill Spingler was found guilty of assault on a person with a mental disability after touching the breast of a 103-year-old woman, whom, he said, was his mother-in-law, during visits to her Wayne nursing home. Tough year for the town.

What you need to know today

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That’s Interesting


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Signe cartoon.SIGN12e.Coal Plants

“I felt a fury that day that has never left me. — Orlando R. Barone writes furiously about his personal experience watching young girls learning that acting a certain way will get men to notice them, an issue reignited in wake of the Harvey Weinstein controversy.

What we’re reading

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Rick Lowe is shown with several of his deer on Oct. 3, 2017.

Your Daily Dose of | Who knew?

These Pa. ‘farmers’ harvest deer urine. Yes, deer urine. Fantastic piece from Jason Nark.