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Good morning, Philly. Boy, do we have a treat for you today. Restaurant critic Craig LaBan has put together a mouth-watering guide to South Philly’s Mexican eateries from Pennsport to Bella Vista and beyond. Consider your lunch (and dinner, and dessert) plans made. Foodies, this should keep you occupied for quite a while. We’ve also taken a look back at the Eagles’ NFL draft weekend and its … surprising results. Let’s just say it involves Cowboys fans. In other good news, there’s a week of warm weather ahead, which feels right since it’s gonna be May.

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— Aubrey Nagle (@aubsn, morningnewsletter@philly.com)

Puebla-delphia: Exploring South Philly’s Mexican food scene

Camera icon Tim Tai / Staff Photographer
From left, Veronica Guapo, Mari Pilar and Socorro Aparicio make tamales rojos at Tamalex restaurant in South Philadelphia on Friday, April 13, 2018.

Warning: you’re about to be very hungry. Restaurant critic Craig LaBan is celebrating “Puebla-delphia” with a brand new guide to South Philly’s Mexican food scene. Comprised of nearly 40 restaurants, his compendium includes new reviews, a glossary, and a map to find it all.

During his research, he took another look at “South Philly’s most complete Mexican restaurant,” Blue Corn, and gave it an extra bell since his first review, doing the same for his “family’s go-to taqueria,” Mole Poblano.

But it doesn’t stop at just restaurants. There are bakeries, markets, and even ice cream shops on the list, too. You might need to clear your calendar just to try it all.

Philly federal jail will no longer block kids from seeing their dads

A visitation policy for pretrial inmates at the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia has barred unaccompanied minors and excluding visitors who aren’t immediate family.

That means about 100 inmates weren’t able to see their children — until now.

Starting today, a new policy will help reunite families thanks to a class-action lawsuit that fought the old rules. But it’s not a perfect solution: those with children by more than one other parent may still struggle.

Eagles troll Dallas, pick up rugby player in unusual NFL draft

The reigning Super Bowl champs had an unusual NFL draft weekend. The Eagles took their first pick in the second round by drafting tight end Dallas Goedert. The pick was announced by former kicker David Akers, who took the opportunity to troll Cowboys fans on their own turf in a speech that would’ve made Jason Kelce proud.

Among their four other picks, the Eagles also picked up a 346-pound rugby player who’s never played football. In an unexpected move, the Birds passed on running backs and then Howie Roseman revealed fan favorite Darren Sproles is returning. Those underdogs never cease to surprise the fans.

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