With yesterday's sentencing, Bill Cosby's dramatic fall from grace is complete, making him the first male celebrity of the #MeToo era sent to prison for sexual misconduct. For his accusers, it was a day of reckoning, and reactions to the legal battle's conclusion are still pouring in. As for this morning's other top stories, we must make a hard pivot towards two completely different topics: whether social reviews are right for hospitals and whether free municipal IDs are coming to our region.

— Aubrey Nagle (@aubsn, morningnewsletter@philly.com)

A three-year legal battle ended Tuesday will Bill Cosby being led out of a Norristown courtroom in handcuffs. He’s been sentenced to three to 10 years in state prison for his 2004 assault on Andrea Constand, who described the effect of the crime in a victim-impact statement.

Once a comedic icon and trailblazer, the 81-year-old entertainer was denied bail and could spend the final stage of his life behind bars labeled as a sexually violent predator.

The first accusation against Bill Cosby was leveled more than a decade ago. At a news conference with several of Cosby's accusers Tuesday, one said, "I have waited 32 years for this day."

Online review sites like Yelp are well known for recommending hair salons and restaurants. But what about hospitals?

As we do with so many aspects of our lives, patients are increasingly turning to social media to inform their decisions about where to go for health care.

Crowd-sourced reviews may not always be accurate, but they provide insights that hospital-sponsored surveys do not.

Think about all the things you need an ID for: looking for a job, housing, government services, health care. Countless people nationwide don’t have basic identification cards, and the cost of supporting documents and the ID itself are often to blame.

Fees exist for copies of birth certificates in Pennsylvania, which are needed to get an ID, and a state ID costs $30.50. In New Jersey it's $24.

At least eight states issue free or discounted IDs to low-income or homeless residents. Could it happen here?

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