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Frequently Asked Questions

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

Will I receive email?
Our content is available to you as a free service. Occasionally, we will send emails to update you on new features and products from and on behalf of our selected partners and advertisers.
How do I change the email address to which my newsletters and email deals are being sent?
To change your email address for newsletters and special offers, click here to update your account.
Why am I having problems viewing the email in my inbox?
Some email software blocks pictures (including photos and graphics) and disables links in email. To change this setting to view your email properly, with pictures and working links, do the following:
  1. If you have AOL 9.0: Open the message and click on "Show images & enable links" in the upper right corner of the email message window.
  2. If you have a address, the following note is above the email message: "NOTE: To help protect your privacy (more info) Hotmail blocked images in this message. Click here to show blocked images." Click the underlined link text.
  3. If you have a Yahoo! address, open the message, and scroll down. In the following text at the bottom of the message: "The HTML graphics in this message have been blocked. [Show HTML Graphics - Edit Preferences]" click on "Show HTML Graphics".
How do I change the format of the newsletters and email deals I’m receiving?
Currently, we offer the ability to receive emails in only one format, which is HTML. If you are having problems viewing the HTML email in your inbox, please refer to the "Why am I having problems viewing the email in my inbox?" question.
How do I manage my email newsletter subscriptions?
Visit page and make changes to your account. Uncheck the relevant boxes and click "Update Account".
I stopped receiving newsletters in my inbox. What should I do?
Check your Junk or Spam Folder
  1. If the newsletter appears there, select the email and mark it as not spam.
  2. If the newsletter does not appear in your Junk/Spam filter, please check that your settings are configured to send copies of suspected spam emails to your Junk/Spam folder. Once the newsletters appear in the folder, you can mark it as not spam.
I no longer want to receive email. How do I update my profile?
Being registered with means that you may receive email from us in some circumstances (see details above in "Will I receive email?" question). To make changes to your account, go to "My Account", uncheck the relevant boxes, and click "Update Account".