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It's been one weird year here. Acts of God truly put the Philadelphia area to the test. A fatally steamy summer - including the hottest July on record - was punctured only by a tornado and a small earthquake in the Northeast. It ended in torrential rain that made it the wettest year on record. Then, a second, bigger quake shook nearly the entire East Coast, followed just days later by the powerful remnants of Hurricane Irene. Mushrooms exploded from the ground, then quickly perished like survivors on "The Walking Dead," or the outside plants on our rare snowy October day. Some say it's only a taste of the Apocalypse to come in 2012.


March 11: Quake, tsunami, meltdown in Japan ›

Dec. 21, 2012:
Just another doomsday? ›

Raptureless May 21, 2011: Mis-Judgment Day ›

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