Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Priests Sex Abuse Scandal

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia says it has taken steps to improve its outreach to victims of clergy sex-abuse and to prevent future abuse. Listen to Cardinal Rigali's mesage, in English and Spanish.
Even as a boy growing up during the 1980s in South Philadelphia, Jonathan Dalin felt drawn to Catholic priesthood. Then came high school, and his sense of religious vocation was "drowned out by the noise of the world," he recalled last week.
Two former prosecutors who helped conduct the Grand Jury investigation into clergy sexual abuse here have sent a letter to Cardinal Justin Regali accusing the Archdiocese of Philadelphia of failing to seriously address the problem of sexual abuse by priests. Read the letter here. (PDF)

Full Text Documents | Letter from SNAP to Cardinal Rigali and the Archdiocesan response

Letter from Cardinal Rigali to the People of the Archdiocese, 10/20/05>
Archdiocese response to SNAP letter, 10/20/05

Full Text Documents | The Grand Jury Report

The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office released the following files as part of the Grand Jury report, all as PDFs. Note: For many of these PDFs, the contents begin on page 2. To search a PDF, click on the binoculars in the PDF toolbar.

  • The Grand Jury Report, 1.9 MB, 424 pages
  • Catalogue of Sexually Abusive Priests, (Appendix A) 635kb, 97 pages
  • List of Assignments (including Parishes) of Sexually Abusive Priests, (Appendix B) 151 kb, 27 pages
  • Archdiocese Priest Biographical Profiles (Appendix C)
    [NOTE: Contents begin on page 2 in all of these files]
  • Selected Documents, Part 1,(Appendix D) 5 MB, 35 pages
  • Selected Documents, Part 2, (Appendix D) 4.9 MB, 33 pages
  • Glossary of Terms, (Appendix E) 117 kb, 6 pages
  • Articles From Other Jurisdictions, Part 1, (Appendix F) 3.1 MB, 17 pages
  • Articles From Other Jurisdictions, Part 2, (Appendix F) 2.7 MB, 11 pages
  • Full Text Documents | Archdiocese Response to the Report
    Response of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, 515 kb, 73 pages

    Full Text Document | District Attorney's Response
    Examination of the Philadelphia Archdiocese's Response to the Grand Jury Report, 136 kb, 30 pages
    On the Web
    The Sins of the Fathers: The Offenders
    Those who were named in the Philadelphia grand jury report
  • Part One: Edward V. Avery through James M. Iannarella
  • Part Two: Richard G. Jones through Thomas J. Wisniewski

    Camden Diocese escapes scrutiny
    Oct. 16, 2005
    One priest in the Camden Diocese was accused of molesting a 14-year-old boy - but was left in place. He abused more young boys.
  • Profiles of 25 priests who are accused of sexual abuse in the Diocese of Camden