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A Marcellus Shale gas drilling site near Latrobe, Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett (right) has said he is open to a fee to aid host communities. (Laurence Kesterson / Staff Photographer)
Philadelphia ranked among the top 10 of 67 counties in the state for payouts, though there is no drilling within city limits.
Web: Information on 'impact fee' distribution
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The Marcellus shale drilling boom has tapped a bounty of natural gas worth billions, but Inquirer reporters Joseph Tanfani and Craig R. McCoy found that thousands of miles of high-pressure pipelines carrying the gas to market are being installed with no government safety checks – no construction standards, no inspections, and no monitoring. In fact, state and federal regulators don’t even know where many lines are located.

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Popularly called “fracking,” the process uses a mixture of water, sand and chemicals to blast open the shale rock, freeing gas trapped in tight pockets to flow to the surface.