The farm

In early 2003, Fumo bought a $515,000 farm north of Harrisburg.

He stocked it with horses, goats, crops, Senate employees and goodies from Citizens' Alliance: a bulldozer (and multiple repairs to it), an all-terrain vehicle, a tractor and a pickup truck.

A Senate budget analyst, earning $118,000 a year, "provided Fumo with regular reports regarding laying out the pastures and fields, planting and fertilizing of vegetation, care and feeding of livestock . . . and design of barns."

In one e-mail, Fumo gave his Senate secretary and Senate driver a set of chores:

"1. Set up the run in barn for the horse.

"2. Buy hay and feed, etc.

"3. Buy buckets and other supplies for feeding and watering the horses.

"4. Buy 2 saddles.

"5. Get busy with the fencing ASAP."