The Phila. house

Public servants were servants in Fumo's home, too, prosecutors said.

Senate aides paid by taxpayers often worked for Fumo on his mansion on Green Street in Spring Garden - cleaning the floors, washing the deck, and supervising repairs.

For 18 months, one of the aides worked nearly full-time managing the restoration and refurbishment of the century-old structure. At the time, this aide was being paid to do legislative research; his state salary peaked at $45,857.

Even after the work was done, Fumo assigned the aide personal chores.

In one e-mail, he wrote: "I need a granite top on the 'filing cabinet' between the M/br and the dressing room. I would like it to match the marble on the sink as close as possible."

Soon after, Fumo sent another missive: "We are still having trouble with the front-door intercom. It is unclear and has a lot of hum. Please get this fixed ASAP. Also when are we getting the new cameras installed?"

Another aide cleaned the Green Street house roughly once a week between 2000 and 2002 while being paid $31,464 by the Senate as a clerk-typist. In addition, she often was dispatched to the house during the day to meet repair people and perform other tasks.

On March 25, 2001, Fumo had the following e-mail conversation about her: "I think we need a really good house cleaning."

The staffer replied he had been told that the house had never seemed so clean. Fumo countered, "That is not saying a lot!"

Citizens' Alliance staffers also worked at Fumo's home. As grand jurors said, the charity's "laborers were at his beck and call."