Saturday, May 30, 2015

Smoke and Mirrors. The Subversion of the EPA

Four part series on the EPA

The Bush administration has weakened the agency charged with safeguarding health and the environment.
Last December, EPA Admin. Stephen Johnson prepared to send the White House a document that would trigger the nation's first mandatory global-warming regulations.

What happened after it was sent left the EPA badly wounded, largely demoralized and, in many ways, emasculated.
In a dozen cases since 2001, federal judges in Washington have used increasingly caustic language to throw out EPA regulations, chastising the Bush administration for illegally changing U.S. environmental rules.
The EPA touts the perk-filled program, but has recruited some firms with dismal environmental records.
An Inquirer investigation shows that what was conceived as an innovative stewardship environmental program has actually rewarded polluters.
Scientists say the EPA chief bowed to pressure from the White House, hampering pollution-control efforts.
Leading environmental scientists have denounced EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson for substituting politics for science on key pollution issues.