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Pennsylvania Natural Gas Production and Waste
This interactive database displays the total gas produced as well as the waste byproduct of all unconventional wells over the past three years. According to the Pennsylvania D.E.P an Unconventional well is, "a well that is drilled into an Unconventional formation, which is defined as a geologic shale formation below the base of the Elk Sandstone or its geologic equivalent where natural gas generally cannot be produced except by horizontal or vertical well bores stimulated by hydraulic fracturing."
All Years July '09 - June '10 July '10 - June '11 July '11 - June '12
Company Name:
Total Gas Produced (Mcf):
Percent Change:
Total Days of Production:
Percent Change:
Number of Wells:
Percent Change:
Total Waste Produced (Bbl):
Percent Change:
Basic Sediment Produced (Bbl):
Brine Produced (Bbl):
Drill Cuttings Produced (Bbl):
Drilling Produced (Bbl):
Flow-Back Fracturing Sand Produced (Bbl):
Fracturing Fuild Produced (Bbl):
Servicing Produced (Bbl):
Spent Produced (Bbl):
Average production per well:
Average production per day:
Total gas produced:
* Mcf is the measurement of gas in thousands of cubic feet

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