Tax Delinquent Properties in Philadelphia
About This Map
In Philadelphia, a property is considered tax delinquent nine months after the city's March 31 payment deadline passes. Delinquent parcels are assessed interest and fees, which over time can grow larger than the principal. By law, properties can be sold at public auction as quickly as nine months after they become delinquent. In practice, that rarely happens, and many properties are allowed to linger on the delinquency rolls for decades.

This interactive map and searchable database reflects the city's delinquency records as of April 30, 2011. Some properties listed as delinquent on this map may have since paid their debts. To see the latest payment status of any property, click the link labeled "current city records" that appears whenever an individual property is selected, or query the city's database at

The map excludes properties that owe $125 or less, as well as 1,593 properties owing $7.18 million that have been subdivided or combined with other lots, and thus cannot be accurately mapped. A small number of other tax delinquent parcels may not appear on the map due to problems with the property addresses The Inquirer and PlanPhilly have added latitude and longitude to this data set for mapping purposes and, in some cases, estimated property values. Those values were developed using a formula developed by Kevin Gillen, PhD, a leading expert in the value of Philadelphia real estate and an Econsult vice president. To read more about Gillen's methodology, click here.

The Inquirer and make no warranty or representation, express or implied, to the accuracy, quality or currency of this data. This report is the result of a collaborative effort between the Philadelphia Inquirer and The project was made possible by a competitive award funded by the William Penn Foundation and awarded by J-Lab, a division of the School of Communication at American University. is a five-year-old independent news gathering entity covering the built environment and affiliated with PennPraxis, the clinical arm of the School of Design of the University of Pennsylvania.
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Produced by: Rob Kandel, John Tierno / Inquirer Staff, Reporting by: Patrick Kerkstra
Source: City of Philadelphia