Amir Ardebili to The Inquirer.

The following are unedited excerpts from letters Amir Ardebili wrote to The Inquirer.

There are a lot of things I am dealing with and all these problems do not let me concentrate to write the story, but I would do my best. I hope at least your (newspaper) could reduce the tension for me.

I have been kidnapped. I really can’t describe the feeling and my sorrow.

It is very said to be in prison in country which you are known as terrorist or international arms dealer. They ban you even one phone call.

You have never been in U.S. prison to understand me. Just image yourself in Iran prison, when you never live there before. In T.V. room, I see the movies which stories are designed to introduce Iran as danger to world. But it is B.S.

I have been defrauded by the court and attorney which I have terminated. I am innocent. There is many evidence that shows that they defrauded me.

All these actions are unconstitutional and I don’t know what is going on.

I am not an international arms dealer! If you could be convinced with this argument, I can’t convince you with more evidence. I think you must know enough to know the truth. If fact, if your readers or anybody doesn’t want to believe this I don’t care any more because I have no doubt about myself, and this is enough.

I hope this matter (the stories) does not prejudice me more, because I am really done. My capacity is full. I can not get more trouble.

As a young boy, I always wished to come and live in USA. My opinion changed now. I saw the other picture of USA.

When in Georgia Republic, a group police stormed in the room, and I thought it is a nightmare. I still think I am in nightmare.

I treated worse than child molester, mass murderer, rapist and international drug dealers.

Do bear in mind, I am in jail. Every single minute I am looking to my missed freedom, my missed family and missed life.

Every single minute in here is horrible. No matter day or night. I have no protector but God.

My story continues. It is not done yet.