Emails between Darius and Ardebili - Part 2

The following are excerpts of emails and Yahoo instant messages between Amir Ardebili, an Iranian arms broker, and “Darius,” the name an undercover U.S. Homeland Security agent used during Operation Shakespeare, a sting designed to lure the broker outside Iran. The messages were sent in the days before they agreed to meet in Tbilisi, Georgia.


The emails, obtained by The Inquirer, were written in English and are unedited. Darius was posing an Eastern European arms broker whose native language is Russian, and therefore, as part of his disguise, intentionally wrote in broken English.


Sept. 26, 2007


Darius: I am already here in Tbilisi. The hotel situation right now is not good … I have Georgian bodyguard who can drive everyone to where we need to meet. It will be no problem…. I am very busy, but all is going good.


Amir: I really need to have relax. This is 5 month hard working without any rest. I hope to have good meeting and long term friendship. I will get the purchase order for the DADC-107 {F-4 cockpit computer} because we had good meeting just now. The customer will test and then will place the order for 50 if the test will be ok. I am coming with further inquirers and hope to have good business in near future.


Darius: Georgia is beautiful country and is making good progress but it is not yet Paris! I hope we will have very good meeting and I look forward to see you.


Amir: Sounds good. We hope to have same invitation for you in Iran soon.


Darius: Tbilisi airport is modern but is small… I will stand outside the exit stand with sign that says “Amir, I am Darius.” … You do not need sign however. I  will be tallest man waiting for you…


Sept. 29, 2007


Amir: Thank you for your kind attention…. I have a lot of customers may need to call me in duration which I will be there. I should check about the different projects I have with you. Can I have the mobile card to send customer to call me?


Darius: Good thinking. I will get you local phone. … I want you to bring your ideas and knowledge. I have much I want to learn from you. You will be the professor and I will be the student.


Amir: You will be the professor and I will be the student…. I only can open the window for you in Middle East…. You are great. I should learn from you…