Tuesday, April 28, 2015


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Type of Ad: Positive Candidate: Jim Kenney By: Kenney for Mayor Title: "Hard Choices" The Basics: Jim Kenney speaks! For the first time in the campaign...
Let's begin today with another thought about the so-called racial math in Philadelphia politics. Yes, black voters often support black candidates and white voters tend to support white candidates.
IT'S TIME to face the facts. Philadelphia should do away with the strict limits on political contributions that were put into place in 2007.
Two polls conducted last week on behalf of James F. Kenney showed that he has opened a statistically significant lead over State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams in the race for the Democratic nomination for mayor of Philadelphia, while Lynne M. Abraham has slipped to a more distant third.
TRENTON -- New Jersey residents don’t like political corruption, but they find some ethically questionable acts more tolerable than others, according to a new poll.
Sen. Art Haywood has a background and level of education rarely seen in the Legislature. And what he’s after is more public participation.
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate plunges into a high-stakes debate this week over empowering Congress to review and possibly reject any nuclear deal with Iran, offering Republican presidential candidates a chance to prove their hawkishness toward Iran and support for Israel.
Heard in the Hall: The city's voting demographics haven’t changed much at all in the last four primaries.
WASHINGTON (AP) - House and Senate GOP negotiators neared agreement Monday on a budget blueprint that would enable Republicans controlling Congress to more easily target President Barack Obama's signature health care law while delivering an almost $40 billion budget boost to the Pentagon.
Last year, sources told the Daily News that guards at the city-run Curran-Fromhold Correctional facility refused to take inmate Mike Brady to the prison infirmary despite pleas that he was sick. After he collapsed, he was maced by guards and finally dragged in a nearly unconscious state to receive medical attention.
ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) - With the Pennsylvania Supreme Court declining to ban tweets, texts, email and other electronic communication in Pennsylvania courtrooms, county judges will decide on a case-by-case basis whether the public and news organizations are allowed to report court proceedings in real time.
BUCKS COUNTY Supervisor earns state award DOYLESTOWN A Doylestown Township supervisor recently earned the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors' leadership award, according to the association.
Former Pa. Sen. Rick Santorum, generally ignored these days, got some national attention during the annual White House Correspondents' dinner Saturday.
NEW YORK (AP) - Looking to woo New York's Orthodox Jewish community, Republican presidential contender Rand Paul faced tough questions Monday about his support for Israel and his approach to foreign policy in the Middle East.
MIAMI BEACH, Florida (AP) - Jeb Bush's super PAC is raising eye-popping sums in a multi-pronged effort to define the former Florida governor for Republican presidential primary voters before his rivals can, donors say.
WASHINGTON (AP) - The official state china of President Barack Obama's administration is a modern-inspired service trimmed in a blue that recalls the waters of his native state of Hawaii, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be among the first guests to eat from it at a state dinner Tuesday in his honor.
WASHINGTON (AP) - Corinthian Colleges canceled classes Monday and shut down all of its remaining 28 ground campuses, displacing about 16,000 students, less than two weeks after the Education Department announced it was fining the for-profit institution $30 million for misrepresentation.
WASHINGTON (AP) - The acting chief executive of the Clinton Foundation says the global philanthropy is working quickly to remedy mistakes it made in how it disclosed donors, saying that its policies on transparency and contributions from foreign governments are "stronger than ever."
WASHINGTON (AP) - The acting chief executive of the Clinton Foundation is acknowledging the global philanthropy made mistakes in how it disclosed its donors amid growing scrutiny as Hillary Rodham Clinton opens her presidential campaign.
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Republican presidential hopefuls emphasized their staunch opposition to gay marriage and abortion rights Saturday before a crowd of social conservatives who hold significant sway in the state's leadoff presidential caucuses.
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama says he's bringing a new attitude to the final quarter of his presidency: Bucket!
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Call it the Clinton conundrum.
LONDON (AP) - Once, election campaigning meant knocking on doors, organizing meetings and licking stamps. Now it also includes honing hashtags, rallying retweets and clicking "like."
Ori Feibush, who is facing off against Councilman Kenyatta Johnson in the Second District, launched two television ads Monday.