Tuesday, June 30, 2015


LIVINGSTON, N.J. - Gov. Christie formally launched his presidential candidacy Tuesday, kicking off what is predicted to be an uphill bid for the Republican nomination by drawing on his modest New Jersey beginnings.
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Debate got underway in the Legislature on Tuesday, the last day of Pennsylvania state government's fiscal year, with lawmakers poised to make final votes on a state budget plan and other major Republican-crafted bills that appeared destined for a veto by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf.
A second interim report was promised by end of June, but Bill Nowling, the new spokesman for A.C. Emergency Manager Kevin Lavin, said there was nothing new to add.
LIVINGSTON, N.J. - Even as 1,000 supporters cheered on Gov. Christie as he announced his candidacy for president on Tuesday, the scene outside Livingston High School was remarkably different as hundreds denounced his policies in New Jersey.
NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - A federal judge has dismissed a class-action lawsuit filed by people who were stuck in traffic when lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge were closed without warning in 2013.
Could cost Philadelphia $60 million+
HARRISBURG - With just one day left to achieve an on-time state budget and no further talks planned, the impasse between Gov. Wolf and the Republican-controlled legislature seems certain to end in a partial government shutdown.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is announcing Tuesday that he's running for president, a move that's long been in the works. He's joining a crowded field with 13 other major Republicans already in the race and at least two more expected to join.
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court will consider limiting the power of government employee unions to collect fees from non-members in a case that labor officials say could threaten membership and further weaken union clout.
Sen. Pat Toomey's reelection effort got an early start Tuesday with a first-of-the-campaign TV ad.
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Jeb Bush is releasing a third of a century of his personal income tax returns, a record disclosure for presidential candidates.
WASHINGTON (AP) - Supreme Court Justices Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg declared for the first time Monday that they believe it is "highly likely" that the death penalty is unconstitutional.
LIVINGSTON, N.J. (AP) - A tough-talking New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie launched his 2016 campaign for president Tuesday with a promise to tell voters the truth even if it makes them cringe.
In City Council's often-bustling chambers, the curtains are drawn and the lights dimmed to a soft glow. The 17 mahogany desks are cleared, save for a few copies of bills and a soda can left by advocates who favored a soft-drink tax to fund Philadelphia schools - a fight now in the rearview mirror.
Gov. Christie is set to announce his presidential candidacy Tuesday at the high school he attended, a venue that will enable him to feature his roots and upbringing.
PITTSBURGH (AP) - By next summer, shale gas companies in Pennsylvania will be required to electronically disclose the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing in a new state-run database.
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Though it's not even out yet, tea party firebrand Ted Cruz's new book is already irking at least one member of the Republican establishment: Karl Rove.
NEW YORK (AP) - Is Donald Trump's business empire as Teflon-coated as his hair appears to be?
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - A survey of South Carolina legislators shows there's enough support to remove the Confederate flag from Statehouse grounds if all supporters cast a vote.
NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - Republican Gov. Chris Christie has created a commission to study the ownership and possession of firearms after a woman who had received a domestic-violence restraining order against an ex-boyfriend was killed at home while waiting for a gun permit to be approved.
The budget standoff in Harrisburg is no surprise and no real problem; it just needs to work through all the stages of grief.
DENVER (AP) - Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul planned Tuesday to court donors from the new marijuana industry, making the Kentucky senator the first major-party presidential candidate to publicly seek support from the legal weed business.
The House and Senate Republican majorities in the Pennsylvania Legislature are lining up votes to advance major legislation to the desk of Gov. Tom Wolf on Tuesday, the final day of the state government's 2014-15 state fiscal year. The bills have been in their final form for four days or less, and details are still emerging. Here is a summary of the legislation:
WASHINGTON (AP) - When it comes to raising money by email, everybody's got an angle. Some of the "ask" strategies being employed by the 2016 presidential candidates:
WASHINGTON (AP) - Hillary Clinton has a dinner invite for you. Jeb Bush is out to make a big splash. Rick Santorum wants to scare the heck out of you. Ted Cruz is looking for a sacrifice. Lincoln Chaffee wants to be your pal.
LIVINGSTON, N.J. (AP) - Bon Jovi is playing a big role in the 2016 presidential campaign in New Jersey.
WASHINGTON (AP) - Groups hoping to squeeze partisan politics out of how states shape congressional districts are hailing a Supreme Court decision that lets independent commissions, not legislatures, draw those lines.
HARRISBURG - Third-grade teacher Elaine Blackmon took a deep breath and made her best sales pitch. "What's good for Philadelphia public students is good for students across the commonwealth," Blackmon told an impassive assistant to Rep. Martin Causer (R., McKean). "We're asking him to reconsider Gov. Wolf's budget."
A bill that would allow children with certain debilitating conditions to take marijuana oil while attending school has been passed by the New Jersey legislature and is headed to the desk of Gov. Christie.