State lawmakers move to regulate your tattoos, ban tongue-splitting

What with being so busy circulating laws restricting abortion rights and requiring possibly extraneous voter photo ID cards, I guess this shouldn't be that surprising: The state has never, until now, bothered to regulate the tattoo industry. That's right: They license barbers, but not people who use needles to inject ink or install metal objects into people's skin. (Others have griped about this at greater length.)

That could change though: Legislators in Harrisburg have introduced a law allowing for regulations of tattoo and body piercing professionals. The law also bans tongue-splitting, or "The cutting of a human tongue into two or more [really, more?] parts."

One can see how this might not be popular among body artists in Philly, where practitioners already have to go through a pretty rigorous licensing process including apprenticeship, sanitation inspections and blood-borne pathogen training.