Poll: Santorum now a PA favorite, especially with women

Quinnipiac University's latest poll of more than 1,200 Pennsylvania voters finds Republicans in the state that voted him out as US Senator now prefer him to heavily-funded Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee to face Barack Obama this fall - and that a Santorum-Obama vote here would be too close to call. 

If this holds, it's a slap at Pennsylvania's GOP fundraising establishment, including practical-minded apartment investor and Israel supporter Mitch Morgan, who's been strong for Romney.

It's also a credit to Foster Friess, the longtime Chadds Ford resident, Christian activist and former investment manager for the Nobel Prize, now retired to Wyoming, who has been funding Santorum's campaigns since his Senatorial days.

Santorum is especially popular among women voters, Quinnipiac notes. His old-fashioned stands against abortion and birth control don't seem to be hurting him, at least among PA women. See poll results here.