Friday, July 20, 2018
Osborne Hart
Socialist Workers Party

Age: 63

Current Position:

Walmart overnight stocker

So far in the race:

Hart, along with independent mayoral candidate Boris Kindij, has made a local $15-per-hour wage the centerpiece of his campaign. His pro-labor stances have brought working class issues to the forefront of the campaign.

Bragging rights:

His well-stated arguments for stronger representation of workers' rights and benefits have given mainstream credence to the Socialist Workers Party he represents.


He lacks widespread support, lacking an influential political bloc and a neighborhood-level base within Philadelphia to help raise his profile.

Osborne Hart ...

Osborne Hart spent his youth traveling around with world when his father was in the Army. In his adult life, he has lived in San Francisco, Detroit, and Philadelphia.


He has spent the last 10 years in Philadelphia fighting funding cuts to public education, and what he describes as the assault on wages, pensions, and health care. He unsuccessfully ran for state office in 2007, and has since campaigned for a more open election process.


He has been active politically for more than 40 years, first with the civil rights movement of the 1960s, then later the anti-war of the 1970s, and in more recent years, the pro-labor and Black Lives Matter movements. He has worked as a pressman, professional meat-cutter, and currently works the "third shift" (overnights) at Walmart's Supercenter in Willow Grove.

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