Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Melissa Murray Bailey

Age: 36

Current Position:

President Americas, Universum Global

So far in the race:

Murray Bailey won the nomination in a vote by the city's GOP party leaders in March. During the primary campaign, she participated in several forums, sitting among the Democratic candidates. She recently took part in her first debate with the four other candidates on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Bragging rights:

The young, vibrant business executive brings an outsider's view to the political theater of the mayoral campaign. She (as you'll see in the video below) touts her non-political background as an advantage.


Her lack of governing experience, the fact she's a relative newcomer to the city (moved here three years ago), and her change from registered Democrat to Republican. Oh, and a Republican hasn't been elected mayor in six decades.

Melissa Murray Bailey ...

Melissa Murray Bailey is one of four children and the daughter of public school teachers. Her connection to Philadelphia dates to her grandparents. Her grandfather grew up in South Philly and her grandmother grew up in West Philly. She and her husband, Sean, have a daughter, Cricket.


Murray Bailey worked for a time as a substitute teacher in college, and deeply respects the key role strong schools and a quality education will play in making Philadelphia better for all our families.


After graduating college, her work took her overseas to Singapore and Australia. She said the experience of living in some of the world's best-run cities has shown her what works – and what we can do to change Philadelphia for the better.

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