Street Level: Where are all the trash cans in Germantown?

About the project:

We all love living in Philadelphia. However, there are so many little things – crosswalks blocked by cars, garbage that doesn’t get picked up on schedule, parks that resemble Amazonian jungles – that add up and grind us residents to the ground. It’s great the mayoral candidates are talking about big issues, but realistically, shouldn't we expect the mayor to tackle the little problems too, if not more so?

So, we've reached out to civic associations (known as RCOs, or registered community organizations, in city government-ese) and commercial development corporations to find out about the little things that seemingly never get solved, and we'll be talking to RCO and CDC leaders while voters wrestle with who ultimately should be elected the next mayor in November. If your RCO or CDC would like to participate in the project, email or call (215)854-2260. Below is the 10th in our series:

CDC: Established in 2012, Germantown United CDC is revitalizing the Central Germantown Business Corridor through community events, improvement initiatives, and area beautification and maintenance. GUCDC collaborates with other area organizations such as the Germantown Special Services District.

(Above, a map shows the streets in Germantown that the CDC manages. Click on the numbers to see addresses that note the end of the CDC's jurisdiction.)

Leader: Emaleigh Doley, Commercial Corridor Manager of Germantown United CDC

At issue: Where have all the trash cans gone? Several years ago, wire trash can bins (sometimes referred to as “trash cannons” as a result of the refuse that can "explode" from the can or when garbage becomes airborne due to the wind) were removed by the Streets Department from the Germantown business corridor area with no plan for what would happen next. Doley reached out to City Council and the Streets Department and was told that the trash cans had been “abused” — short dumping was cited as an issue. Now, an area that houses numerous storefronts and is serviced by the SEPTA 23 bus route at every block has no trash cans for roughly a mile stretch: from Penn and Berkley streets' intersections with Germantown Avenue.