Finally! T. Milton Street Sr. files his campaign-finance report

Milton Street, who is running for mayor of Philadelphia, poses near 22nd and Lehigh in Philadelphia, Pa. on January 13, 2015.  ( DAVID MAIALETTI / Staff Photographer )
Milton Street, who is running for mayor of Philadelphia, poses near 22nd and Lehigh in Philadelphia, Pa. on January 13, 2015. ( DAVID MAIALETTI / Staff Photographer )

MAYORAL HOPEFUL T. Milton Street Sr., self-described champion of the "little guy," finally filed his campaign-finance report with the County Board of Elections yesterday.

And surprise! (OK, maybe not.) Street's report - filed six days past the deadline, along with a $130 fine - lists a single cash donation of $2,900 from deep-pocketed developer Ori Feibush.

At first blush, it may seem an odd alliance, although both are political outsiders.

Feibush, a City Council candidate who has donated at least $250,000 to his own campaign fund, is at ground zero of the debate over the gentrification of historically poverty-stricken neighborhoods such as Point Breeze.

Street, who sees himself as the candidate for the disenfranchised, emerged from prison in late 2010 after serving time for tax evasion, with only $1.69 in his pocket and "a senior-citizen bus pass," he said.

Despite their differences, Street said that he and Feibush have lots in common.

"We both believe that the violence should be stopped," Street said. "We both believe that the community should be cleaned up. We both believe that the only people who can stop the violence in the community are the people who live there."

As for an "alliance" between the two, Street added, "I'm not aligning myself with Ori. Ori is aligning himself with me . . . because he needs the benefit of my experience, OK, and I will let him have that."

Street said he plans to hold his first fundraiser next month at OCF Coffee House, a Feibush-owned business on Fairmount Avenue near 21st Street, in Spring Garden.

Feibush, in an interview yesterday, said that although Street, a former state senator and brother of former Mayor John Street, is a bit . . . well . . . different, he appreciates Street's civic-mindedness.

"It's important to me that the voters have many options on Election Day, and while Senator Street might be unconventional, I respect somebody who is willing to throw their name into the hat and become a candidate for office," Feibush said. "It's important to me to help many candidates raise some money to get their message out there."

Feibush added, "I have made contributions to [every mayoral] candidate. The only person I will not be contributing to in this election is Senator [Anthony] Williams."

Feibush is in a heated race for a 2nd District Council seat against incumbent Kenyatta Johnson, who is married to Williams' former chief of staff, Dawn Chavous, still a member of the senator's political inner circle.

At Johnson's re-election campaign kickoff last month, Mayor Nutter reportedly derided Feibush, saying, "We're not going to allow some little jerk with a big checkbook to come in and buy this election."

Feibush made the $2,900 contribution to Street's campaign on Nov. 8, 2014. So far, Street's campaign has spent $2,486.50, leaving him with about $413 in cash on hand, according to his campaign-finance report.

Among the expenditures by the "Friends of T. Milton Street" political committee: $95 for a car battery and $462.56 for "repair of campaign vehicle," done at an auto shop in Moorestown, N.J.; $42.78 for "bad weather mats for campaign office"; $855.97 for a portable electric generator; $46 to "replace stolen phone"; and 64 cents for a cup of McDonald's coffee.

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