Sunday, June 25, 2017
Small convenience stores, delis, or gas stations with liquor licenses often operate outside of the law, which requires that they sell food and have enough...
The new compactors, fitted with foot pedals, will be provided free to the city in exchange for advertising rights.
The planned five-story building would replace the agency's Center City location. It will occupy about 136,000 square feet on a triangular site.

Issues: Shaping the 2015 race

To protect its children from lead contamination, Philadelphia should make responsible parties, including contractors, pay for the additional inspectors...
The second year of PHLpreK will begin in September and there are about 800 seats available.
Collazo playground is one of 15 in the city being renovated in a private-public partnership, Parks for People, which began in 2012.
What happened varies depending on whom you talk to, but people in this rapidly changing neighborhood agree that it didn't have to go so far.
Once this heroin hangout is gone, the city can move forward with plans to help the neighborhood and the drug addicts get their lives back.
The legal victory is the second for the city, which fended off a challenge in December.
The legislation, co-sponsored by Councilman Curtis Jones and Council President Darrell Clarke, comes a week after Councilman David Oh was stabbed outside...
With no Republicans running, the longtime city council member will likely be the city's next mayor.
Contractors gutted and rehabbed the old Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co. at 4601 Market and developed plans so detailed that arborists had selected...
Dressed in a shirt and tie, sitting behind his desk on Friday, Oh quickly tried to change the subject from his assault to legislative priorities.
Here's a look at what concerns Philadelphians.
This snapshot shows what issues you've told us you think the candidates should address.
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Philadelphia's proposed tax on sugary drinks is 3 cents per ounce, but the final penny isn't expected to bring in much revenue...
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