Sunday, March 26, 2017
Newly minted Common Pleas Judge Scott DiClaudio disciplined a fourth time for sloppy work as a former defense attorney
For 16 years, Ben Lerner has been a witness to almost every horror Philadelphians have perpetrated against each other. As the Common Pleas Court judge...
Mayor Kenney wants to bring the city's Human Resources Department into 2016. To that end, he has tasked his newly appointed chief administrative officer...

Issues: Shaping the 2015 race

With a minimum of tears, a pledge of effective government for all, and a brisk walk up Broad Street, Jim Kenney took charge of Philadelphia on Monday as...
The light drizzle one afternoon last week didn't faze the children rollerblading on the Burke Playground hockey rink, chasing the puck with their sticks...
Jim Kenney will be sworn in as Philadelphia's 99th mayor Monday morning, kicking off a full day of inaugural activities.
Philadelphia's five previous mayors impart their wisdom to Jim Kenney as he prepares to take office: William J. Green, Jan. 7, 1980, to Jan. 2, 1984.
Mayor-elect Jim Kenney released another round of appointments Friday morning, keeping three commissioners in their posts and tapping two new department...
Jim Kenney, who will be sworn in as Philadelphia mayor Jan. 4, takes pride in his man of the people approach to leadership and politics.
Mayor-elect Jim Kenney announced three additional appointments Wednesday for positions in the Office Immigrant Affairs and Services and the Office of Arts...
Here's a look at what concerns Philadelphians.
This snapshot shows what issues you've told us you think the candidates should address.
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Philadelphia's proposed tax on sugary drinks is 3 cents per ounce, but the final penny isn't expected to bring in much revenue...
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