'Candidate for the rest of us' in 7th District

I've never met Owen Powell, but according to an email I received at 10:24 p.m. last night, he's a "pro-democracy activist" and independent candidate who just entered the 7th Congressional District race.

(As you might recall, the once Delco-centric district has been hilariously gerrymandered, resulting in a map with rich comedic value. Behold, as the district contorts itself, reaching from Delaware County into Chester, Montgomery, Berks and Lancaster counties! My theory about decennial redistricting, by the way, is that it's not tobacco they're burning in the smoke-filled rooms where political hacks draw these mind-bending maps.)

owen powell

Anyway ... I don't really care much for the Democratic or Republicans parties (see above paragraph), and the only other independent candidate running in PA-7 this year is Jim Schneller. Problem there is ... it's Jim Schneller. Plus, he's suing me, which'll always cost you style points.

So check out Powell's platform:

"Our legislators have become experts at taking things away from us, concealing their intentions, racking up huge cash contributions and saving their own skins," he writes. "They appear to be little more than crass opportunists adrift on a sea of ever shifting values, poster boys for Yeats' words, 'the best have lost all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.'"

(Yeats quote is slightly off, but that's the gist of it).

I don't agree with everything Powell says and I'm not a big fan of bleeding hearts. But there's a bit of libertarianism in there that I can get on board with. And his campaign slogan is money: "A CANDIDATE FOR THE REST OF US." Like Festivus! 

Frank Costanza needs to campaign for this guy.