Where are the AVI numbers?

Councilman Brian J. O'Neill talks with Councilwoman Cindy Bass before the opening of the Council session, the first of 2013. (Michael Bryant / Staff Photographer)

A week ago, City Finance Director Rob Dubow said that the administration had all but completed its citywide review of properties for the Actual Value Initiative and that district Council members would receive neighborhood breakdowns of those numbers by the end of January.

Well, it's Feb. 1, and there's still no word on what the city's new property-tax system will mean for different areas of the city. 

"It's frustrating. We were told we were going to have this in September, then we were told that that wasn't going to happen until Christmas, and now it's a month after that," Councilman Brian O'Neill said on Thursday. "We're just left to sit and wonder like everyone else."

So what's taking so long? 

On Monday, Mayor Nutter said he's already seen a "very preliminary update, kind of a top-level overview." While he couldn't remember specific neighborhoods that would be affected more or less than others, he did say he doesn't think there's going to be much reason for concern.

"I don't necessarilly know that there are any big surprises and in some instances a bunch of folks are going to be actually pleasently surprised," he said. "I would characterize what I've seen as nowhere near as bad as folks may have been anticipating."

Dubow said the city will start mailing the new assessments to residents starting Feb. 15. It's unclear whether Council members will receive data on their districts ahead of time, as the administration had previously promised.

The Mayor's Office did not immediately return a request for comment Friday.