In letter, State Sen. Williams tells Council he's against Korman plan in Eastwick

During a City Council hearing early last week, Eastwick residents shared horror stories of flooded basements and thousands of dollars spent over the years to repair water damage to their homes.

The hearing was called by City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson and was in response to concerns raised in the spring over a proposed zoning change that would allow Korman Residential to build a 722-unit, two story complex in the area.

In a letter sent to Council president Darrell Clarke and Johnson on Friday, State Sen. Anthony Williams said he is against the proposed development until the city can “assess the consequences for the community.” He added that more time was needed to come up with solutions to flooding in the area.

Williams said residents feel shut out of the process and the matter cannot be resolved "in the fragmented way the parties are currently functioning."

The Korman proposal helped shed light on flooding issues in Eastwick and the city has been working over the summer to address the concerns in the area. At the hearing, Water Commissioner Howard Neukrug, said flooding was unrelated to the city’s piping system. Several residents said they were hit hardest during Hurricane Floyd in 1999 and last year by Hurricane Irene.

Residents oppose the zoning change and have said they were concerned about storm-water management, traffic and wildlife. The zoning change which was tabled in the spring is part of a court settlement between Korman and the city, in which the zoning change must be approved in order for the city to acquire 79 acres of land for the airport from Korman.