Election Day...Live from the Famous

PhillyClout is liveblogging from the Famous Fourth Street Deli, a lunchtime gathering spot for politicians on Election Day. Keep updating this post for our reports:

1:30 - Brady has blown through the famous with a film crew in tow. He tells us he’s being filmed for a potential reality show.

“They said I’m a little different congressman. I’m not as stuffy. I got a couple things going on. I’m a ward leader, congressman, party chairman. They thought it would be interesting to invade my private life,” Brady said.

Former Daily News editor Larry Platt said he was co-producing the show, which he hopes to pitch to TV networks as a “behind the scenes of the last political boss.”

Platt said the crews would film Brady for several days before making a reel to show networks.

12:50 - Electricians union business manager John Dougherty says he's sure he would just be a minor player in a Brady reality show. "I don’t know if I star anywhere. No, I’ll probably just fall in line as usual, I’ll be some run of the mill character actor."

12:30 - Mulitple sources tell us that U.S. Rep. Bob Brady is coming into the Famous shortly with a film crew for some kind of documentary or reality show. Apparently former Daily News editor Larry Platt is involved in the project.

12:15 - We’re hearing some reports that new voters have shown up at polling places and haven’t been listed in the polling book and have had to cast provisional ballots. It’s unclear how widespread this is.

12:05 - Brett Mandel says Farnese's fundraising predictions are correct. He says he's starting fundraising much earlier this time around.

Noon - Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. says he doesn't believe there are any undecided voters left in Philadelphia.

"There’s probably no undecideds. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who hasn’t figured this out. You have Hatfields and McCoys. People know what they’re going to do," Jones said.

11:50 -- State Sen. Larry Farnese tells us to keep an eye on the next City Controller race, saying that Brett Mandel -- a tax reform advocate -- is raising substantial dollars in his second attempt to unseat Controller Alan Butkovitz.

"Brett Mandel is raising a heck of a lot of money. I think he’s going to file someweher in the area of $120,000 [at year's end]," Farnese said.

11:45 -

City Commissioner Stephanie Singer said that it’s been a busy day at the polls, but so far she hasn’t heard of any major problems.

“Operationally, things are going quite well,” Singer said.

She said there have been some issues with Republican inspectors at the polls. The state GOP this morning said a common pleas judge had put out an order to seat Republican inspectors in polling places after 75 were barred from voting sites by Democratic election operatives.

Singer, who wore red, white and blue hair during the Primary Election, was sporting sunglasses in patriotic colors today.

“I love Election Day,” she said. “I’m seeing a lot of stickers.”