Election Day -- One couple, two candidates

Albert and Alethia Weaver, who both voted in Philly today. (Catherine Lucy / Staff)

For Southwest Center city couple Albert and Alethia Weaver, election season has meant living in a house divided.

He supports Republican Mitt Romney and she supports Democratic President Barack Obama. And the Weavers -- who both voted this morning at Chester A. Arthur School and 20th and Catharine streets -- just can’t stop debating their picks.

       Albert Weaver: “The last four years, all Obama did was talk game.”
       Alethia Weaver: “[Romney’s] not going to do no better.”
       Albert Weaver: “Romney is going to do great. He’s business oriented.”
       Alethia Weaver: “It’s all talk.”

It’s been like this in the Weaver house for months. Albert Weaver, 49, a consultant at a funeral home, said Romney will be better for jobs and the economy. But his wife says Romney can’t back up his promises and said she doesn’t like his plans to restrict abortion rights.

“I don’t think he has the best interests for women,” Alethia Weaver, 48, said.

Last time around, Albert Weaver did not support Obama and Alethia Weaver didn’t vote. They couple is African-American and and Albert Weaver said he was not swayed by Obama’s election as the first black president.

“A lot of people only voted for him because he was African American,” Albert Weaver said. “I totally disagree with that. If you know your job, you’re going to do your job.”

Whatever the outcome today, the Weavers will be winners. If Romney emerges victorious, Alethia Weaver will take her husband to dinner and if Obama wins, Albert Weaver will take his wife on vacation.

Their debate has been going on, Albert Weaver said, for a "very long time."