Budget fight alive and well on Twitter

We at PhillyClout have covered more than a few budget debates in our time. But this is the first year that Twitter has really been in full force as part of the debate. And it makes for some interesting commentary online.

For example today, the mayor’s press secretary Mark McDonald (@PhillyPressSec) tweeted the following: ”Will Council step up for the school students of Philadelphia? Confronting unprecedented school fiscal crisis, what will Council do?

Not long after that, Council President Darrell Clarke’s spokeswoman Jane Roh (@Jane_Roh) tweeted this: “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Property Assessments #phillybudget”

For those not following the debate, McDonald is implying that Council should provide more funding for schools than their current proposal offers. And Roh is suggesting that the Nutter administration has not provided enough budget data to Council.

Think these two will come to Twitter blows later? We’ll keep following Twitter.