Race to save famous cycling championship starts Friday

U.S. Rep. Bob Brady is behind the plan to share revenue. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

It’s Congressman Bob Brady to the rescue.

The Congressman will be hosting a series of meetings Friday in an effort to ensure that there’s a Philadelphia International Cycling Championship this year, said spokesman Ken Smukler.

Soon after David Chauner, founder of the famous annual event, announced that there would be no 2013 race due to a loss of sponsors and rising city costs, Brady immediately jumped into action.

Chauner, of Pro Cycling Tour, said he owes the city over $300,000 for last year’s race. It’s not clear how that debt will be paid for. Chauner said his lawyer, former City Councilman Daniel P. McElhatton, is handling that matter.

“Our one and only interest is to see this event restored to its glory years,” said Chauner. “We want to do it right or not at all.”

Smukler said Brady wants to guage the political and private support for a 2013 race and review the logistics. The clock is ticking though, as a plan would need to be formulated in time to get the event onto the national cycling calendar.

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