NYC Council debates paid sick leave, Philly Council set to take it on, again

In this Friday, Jan. 18 2013 photo, activists hold signs during a rally at New York's City Hall to call for immediate action on paid sick days legislation in light of the continued spread of the flu. An unusually early and vigorous fluseason is drawing attention to the cause that has both scored victories and hit roadblocks in recent years: mandatory paid sick leave. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

As the flu season hits New York City a debate is raging in City Council there over a paid sick leave proposal.

Supporters and opponents rallied outside of City Hall Friday –a scene not much unlike that of Philadelphia’s City Council hearings nearly two years ago when Councilman Bill Greenlee and Council president Darrell Clarke were pushing for a similar measure.

Greenlee said the bill which Mayor Nutter vetoed will be making a comeback when Council returns Thursday. The bill would require businesses with 11 or more workers to allow employees to earn up to seven paid sick days a year and companies with 10 or fewer workers to offer four sick days.

Nutter and business leaders argued that the measure would lead to a decrease in jobs and would deter new businesses from coming to the city.

The debate will feel like déjà vu all over again, only this time Greenlee says he’s got the support he needs to get it through.