Dem-backed judges fall short

Inquirer staff writer Robert Moran reports:

In the Philadelphia races to fill 11 vacancies on Common Pleas Court and Municipal Court, several Democratic Party-endorsed candidates appeared to fall short in their bids last night.

Sharon Williams Losier and Joyce Eubanks were trailing behind the leaders to fill seven spots on Common Pleas Court.

Thomas M. Nocella, who also was endorsed by the Democrats, had slipped significantly behind the four leaders for Municipal Court.

In recent primaries, the Democratic Party suffered a loss of discipline when some unendorsed candidates won judgeships.

U.S. Rep. Robert A. Brady, the party chairman, vowed not to let that happen again, but circumstances this time dictated otherwise.

“It’s important to get the Democratic Party endorsement, but it’s no longer crucial,” Lynn Marks, executive director of the reform group Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts, said in a recent interview.

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