Councilman David Oh gets new, slightly bigger office

Republican City Councilman David Oh is moving on up and into more spacious digs.

If you walk pass Oh’s cramped 5th floor office (formerly Councilman Bill Green’s old space) it’s practically empty. He and his staff are settling into their new offices on the 3rd floor.  

Some staff and interns from Council members Cindy Bass and Kenyatta Johnson’s offices will be moving into Oh’s soon-to-be former office.

Oh’s 5th floor office was described as one of the least desirable (it’s one of the smallest and lacks a view), but as a freshman member who backed Councilwoman Marian Tasco for president that was the space he was given by Council president Darrell Clarke. (See previous coverage.)

“If I move, not only do other Council people get more room, but I get more room,” said Oh, who seemed pleased with the new arrangements.