Christie too liberal for you? Here's your alternative

Seth Grossman (Photo:

Do you think Gov. Christie a tax-and-spend liberal? Now you have an alternative. An Atlantic County lawyer is running as a right-wing alternative to Christie in the Republican gubernatorial primary.

Former Atlantic City councilman and freeholder Seth Grossman announced today that he's running for governor. He made the announcement in front of the Revel Casino, the struggling beacon on Atlantic City's skyline that Christie has supported with tax breaks. 

In a statement, Grossman said that Christie's "bailout Republicans are as bad as big union Democrats like former Gov. Jon Corzine.“ He said that voters simply don't know what Christie is doing to the state.

Grossman has a colorful (literally) web site that is actually far more substantive than Christie's campaign web site, which is basically empty. He says he wants to cut tolls, reduce funding for poor school districts and simplify laws. Christie isn't a real conservative, he alleges, because the state's budget, taxes and debt have all increased. 

As for Christie's 70-plus percent approval ratings? It's our fault. Grossman's site says the popularity is based on "lies," because "the Democratic media always builds up Republicans who attack and destroy other Republicans." has Grossman's kick-off speech, here.

In other news, a new poll is out today from Monmouth University, and in a head-to-head match-up Christie leads his Democratic challenger, State Sen. Barbara Buono (D., Middlesex), by a whopping 42 points.