Help from, and for, a president

So Chris Christie was a “Tubby Turncoat” for hearting Barack Obama?


But was the governor's gratitude for the President's post-superstorm visit helpful to Obama's re-election?

It didn't hurt.

Donald Trump and his fellow drama queens-in-defeat are peerlessly entertaining, but for bona fide insights about the impact, optics-wise and otherwise, of that bipartisan love fest aboard Marine One -- as well as other contributors to Obama's  Super Tuesday --  check out the proudly red South Jersey bloggers Dan Cirucci and Matt Rooney.

Another sober analysis of Mitt Romney's loss can be found on the Michigan-based Tanner Friedman communications company's blog. HuffPo's got a strong piece about kind Republican words for the incumbent here. And for a tour de force of shoe-leather reporting about the ingredients of the Obama campaign's triumph, including the president's post-Sandy visit to New Jersey, check out today's New York Times.