Camelot and Lottery Jobs


(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, boss, see the news story in the British tab The Daily Mail over the weekend.

BE: Oh, yeah, I usually spend my weekends reading British tabs.

JB: Well, this story was sent Saturday evening to statewide journalists by a spokesman for state Treasurer Rob McCord, a potential obstacle to the deal twixt Gov. Corbett and the Brit firm Camelot Global to run the state lottery.

BE: And the story says?

JB: The story says "Camelot to axe lottery jobs."

BE: OMG! No wonder the spokesman for state Treasurer Rob McCord sent it out. What's it say?

JB: Says the company's cutting 80 jobs in England to save costs.

BE: It's a warning shot! And Treasurer McCord, ala Paul Revere, is warning us THE BRITISH ARE COMING!

JB: But there's a small problem.

BE: I'll say, our lottery jobs are at risk!

JB: Well, maybe, but that's not the small problem here.

BE: Tell. Tell.

JB: The small problem here is the story sent around by the spokesman for state Treasurer Rob McCord is from 2002.

BE: Huh?

JB: Yep. If you just read what the spokesman for state Treasurer Rob McCord sent, there's no date on it. But if you go to The Daily Mail's Website, go to its search function and punch in "Camelot to axe lottery jobs" you get the same story, word for word, dated July 10, 2002.

BE: Maybe the Brits use a different dating system.

JB: Or maybe Camelot's doing the same thing it did 11 years ago.

BE:: Or maybe the spokesman for state Treasurer Rob McCord was just having some weekend fun.

JB: Or maybe he's suggesting what's past is prelude.

BE: Camelot. Camelot. There's siimply not a more a congenial spot...

JB: Please don't sing.