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Election 2010 PA Senate


Presented by the Committee of Seventy, In The Know is a series of short and easy-to-understand Q&A pieces that examine the major issues in the 2010 Pennsylvania elections. Starting Sept. 15, the Committee of Seventy will publish one paper each week leading up to the election. Read more here.

The flood of campaign ads during this election season has been hard to miss. Who's behind them? Why are we seeing so many? A Supreme Court decision made in January can help us find answers. Read more here.

Polls show that Republican voters are excited about the races and Democrats aren't. Democratic leaders are scrambling to make sure the "Enthusiasm Gap" doesn't translate into a majority of their supporters staying home on Nov. 2. Read more here.

How safe voters feel in their homes and neighborhoods can have an effect on who they pick on Election Day. Despite falling crime rates, voters seem jittery this year and among all the crime-related issues, one stands tallest: guns. Read more here.

Education seems to be a nearly lost issue this election season. But the quality and cost of education matters to all voters and taxpayers, whether they have children or not. We'll explain why. Read more here.

Marcellus Shale has been in the news a lot lately. On Sept. 29, the Pennsylvania House approved a bill that would impose the state's first-ever tax on natural gas extraction. It was a major step toward collecting revenue from the drilling boom. Read more here.

The economy is topic number one in Washington and Harrisburg. With unemployment high and the recovery painfully slow, candidates are talking about how to get people back to work and push the economy back toward strong growth. Read more here.

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