Thursday, July 2, 2015


President Obama will visit Philadelphia to deliver the keynote address July 14 at the 106th NAACP Annual Convention, the organization announced Wednesday.
Legislators in Harrisburg are making strange moves on medical marijuana. Since 2009, a number of active bills have languished in the General Assembly. Suddenly, the state reps have a match lit between their toes on the issue. But that has sent them running, full speed in the wrong direction.
In a racially charged time, president returns to the city of his famous 2008 speech to rally civil-rights group.
The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office filed a sweeping lawsuit Wednesday against a big nursing home chain, accusing it of understaffing that has left residents "thirsty, hungry, dirty, and unkempt."
HARRISBURG - Pennsylvania will operate without a budget until at least until next week, when Gov. Wolf and Republican legislators are expected to return to the negotiating table.
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Prosecutors have reached a tentative agreement with defense attorneys for a Florida doctor charged alongside New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez to allow his release from jail.
Like so much else in Philadelphia, the city’s streets are a product of its past.
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Leaders of Pennsylvania's House Republican majority are being recorded as "yes" votes on a key budget-related schools bill, even though they weren't in the House chamber for the vote.
One in six properties in Philadelphia has overdue real estate taxes. Some of the city’s business tax streams may be paid by fewer than half the people that owe them. A recent estimate put total unpaid city taxes at nearly $1.2 billion. And yet City Council just approved $70 million in new taxes.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Fresh off a Supreme Court victory, President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he's "feeling pretty good" about the state of his health care law and pleaded for bipartisan cooperation on ways to make it work even better.
Despite Philadelphians smoking less, they are still smoking enough to help fund city schools. As the 2015 fiscal year wrapped up Tuesday, state, city and school district officials were confident they would get the $49 million they were expecting from the new $2-per-pack cigarette tax.
House Judiciary Committee Majority Chairman Ron Marisco, Rep. Mike Regan and Rep. Sheryl Delozier introduced legislation legalize medical cannabis in Pennsylvania.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - They boost their teams from the sidelines and promote them by appearing in calendars and at fan events, but some sports cheerleaders say they are still not considered team employees and are paid what amounts to less than minimum wage.
In a sweep of Philadelphia public schools, investigators from the City Controller's Office found a litany of health and safety threats, including exposed electrical wires, cockroaches, and widespread water damage.
ASHLAND, N.H. - Gov. Christie, on his first full day on the presidential campaign trail, said Wednesday that personal objections should not exempt government officials from issuing licenses for same-sex marriages.
N.J.’s once-rising governor seeks to rise again. But his stock is down, and others must fail if he is to succeed.
HARRISBURG - Gov. Wolf vetoed the Republican-backed $30.1 billion budget in its entirety Tuesday night, a move that leaves Pennsylvania without a spending plan and sets the stage for a partial government shutdown.
WASHINGTON (AP) - Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign said Wednesday it has raised $45 million since its launch in mid-April, with the vast majority of its donors having given less than $100.
The maker of Ritz crackers close their iconic Northeast Philly plant while expanding in Mexico.
A sale of liens on tax-delinquent properties has netted Philly $2.1 million.
Under the agreement, airline subcontractors must pay $12 an hour to about 2,000 airport workers.
LIVINGSTON, N.J. - Even as 1,000 supporters cheered on Gov. Christie as he announced his candidacy for president on Tuesday inside Livingston High School, the scene outside was remarkably different, as hundreds denounced his policies in New Jersey.
The Republican presidential field: who's in and who's still waiting for the right moment.
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's executive order that aims to give special protections to people who oppose same-sex marriage is unconstitutional and should be thrown out, gay rights advocates argue in a lawsuit filed Tuesday.
MOREHEAD, Ky. (AP) - Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis shut her blinds at work Tuesday to block the view of rainbow-clad protesters outside. They carried flowers and flags and signs saying "you don't own marriage." They chanted "do your job."
ATLANTA (AP) - A strongly worded dissent in the U.S. Supreme Court's narrow decision this week upholding the use of an execution drug offered a glimmer of hope to death penalty opponents in what they considered otherwise a gloomy ruling. One advocate went so far Tuesday as to call it a blueprint for a fresh attack on the legality of capital punishment itself.
Executive director Joe DeFelice claimed a recent Inquirer story amounted to free advertising.
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Secret Service says it will install sharp metal spikes on the White House fence after intruders scaled it twice in less than a year.
Philadelphia lost many remarkable and memorable people in 2013, including powerhouse politicians, popular entertainers, an influential doctor, and two who tickled locals' tastebuds. Here's a look back at some of them, in no particular order.