Tell us: Are trucks slamming into bridges in your neighborhood, too?

This summer, a truck hit Radnor’s King of Prussia Road overpass, jarring loose a piece of heavy machinery it was carrying. That equipment then fell on a car, police said, and almost crushed a child’s car seat, which was – fortunately – unoccupied at the time.

As we reported last week, that bridge strike was one of at least 43 that have occurred at that location since 2008 and at least the third there since November.

Camera icon Radnor Police Department
One of the 43 bridge strikes that have occurred under the King of Prussia Road bridge since 2008.

It is an issue leaving Radnor officials and neighbors frustrated as more and more tractor trailers seem to be cutting through the town on the way to interstate highways, often following turn-by-turn GPS navigation apps on their cell phones.

While local PennDOT officials said the King of Prussia Road bridge is among the area’s most troublesome, they also said more trucks are striking more low-clearance overpasses throughout the suburbs, thanks to more development and increased reliance on phone navigation apps.

And in emails, readers responding to last week’s story confirmed this is not just a Radnor problem.

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