Break out the soft pretzels and citywide specials, Philly, because everybody in Pennsylvania is in town today. Party time!

An apparent — and fantastic — glitch in Facebook's geolocation technology found people across the state waking up Wednesday morning to find themselves tagged by Facebook as being in Philadelphia.

People in Pittsburgh were especially excited.

"Earlier today, a bug caused some people in Pittsburgh to get prompts related to Philadelphia. We've fixed the issue," Facebook spokeswoman Emilie Fetterley wrote in an emailed statement.

Fetterley gave the same statement to the Pittsburgh Tribune hours earlier Wednesday, but users complained the problem persisted even after the social networking site told the Pittsburgh paper it fixed the issue.

The bug also affected Facebook users beyond Pittsburgh, in central Pennsylvania..

Jennie Miller via Facebook

As one Twitter user suggested, we'd be OK with changing the name of the United States of America to Philadelphia. After all, we are where the United States was birthed.

We see a couple likely suspects who could be behind this prank snafu. Chief among them: the Phanatic and the gang from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But to whomever is behind the mix-up, we in Philadelphia say, "Well done."