Father's Day memories from Jim Kenney, Alex Holley and other Philly notables

Father’s Day is June 18 this year, and we asked some of Philadelphia’s famous sons and daughters to share memories of their dads with us. From Mayor Kenney recalling chilly mornings at the hockey rink to Phillies first baseman Tommy Joseph’s admiration for his father’s actions, these warm memories underscore the meaning of the holiday.

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JIM KENNEY, mayor of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, with his father, James.

“My dad worked two jobs most of my childhood but he still always took me to my ice hockey practices, even though they were either really early in the morning or really late at night, and even though they refused to turn on the heat in the rink so it was freezing for the parents. I’ll always remember looking up at him sitting in the stands, shivering with a coffee cup in his hand, but smiling.”

MICHAEL SCHULSON, owner of Sampan, Harp & Crown and other restaurants

Michaeul Schulson, Philadelphia restaurateur, poses with his children and his parents, Edward and Pearl.

“[My dad] always said, it’s amazing how much smarter he will get as I got older. Very true! As time goes on you really learn how much amazing insight your parents really have and you start to seek the advice they give you.”

ALEX HOLLEY, co-host of Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia

Alex Holley, co-anchor of Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia, poses with her father.

“The best advice my dad ever gave me was … about self empowerment. Finding what gives you your inner power, owning that power, and using it to be as confident as you can while you go through the ups and downs of life. I love going to my dad for advice– he always knows how to help or how to keep me out of trouble.”

TOMMY JOSEPH, Phillies first baseman

Phillies’ Tommy Joseph at bat.

“I’ve been around plenty of people where their dads get too involved and believe that it’s their career. They’re trying to live through their son. I believe my dad is still living through me because he has the opportunity to watch me play Major League Baseball every day. But he does it the right way. I’ve really respected him for that. He’s always given me my distance and always had my back.”

DAVID OH, Councilman-at-Large

Councilman David Oh with his wife, Heesun Oh, and their daughter, Hannah, pose with a photo of Oh’s father, the late Rev. Ki Hang Oh.

“My father was a Pastor. He was very well-educated with many harsh experiences that came from growing up during the Japanese Occupation of Korea/Manchuria, World War II, Korean War and then the murder of his nephew, In Ho Oh. As a young man, I loved to get advice from him. He had great understanding and practical solutions. But as I got older, and my problems became more complex, his advice become more simple and far less specific: Read the Bible and pray about it.’ Although I did not fully appreciate his advice at the time, I do now. I think it will be the advice I give my children when they are older.”

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